Best Swimming Pool Tiling in Sydney: We Tile Pools To Perfection

Looking for pool tilers in Sydney? We provide the best tiling services for swimming pools using glass, ceramic, mosaic and stone tiles. All of our tile contractors are licensed and qualified to work on any type of projects.  Improve the aesthetics of your pools today by getting in touch with us. 


Tiling Services To Increase The Aesthetics Of Swimming Pools

We are professional tilers in NSW


with over 50 years of experience in the field, providing high-quality tiling services for swimming pools, spas, plunge pools, etc. – both interiors and exteriors. We offer a complete range of services from rendering to glass mosaic supply and installation. 

Tiling a swimming pool is an excellent option for anyone who wants to improve the aesthetic appeal of their pools. The method has been widely used as a way to make them look and feel more luxurious.  When choosing a tile material for the pools, we recommend either porcelain or ceramic. 

However, there are a few factors you will want to consider when choosing pool tiles, such as:

  • Waterline tiles – These tiles, as the term suggests, run along the waterline of the pool and will serve as the so-called finishing touch. They offer an excellent design element to complete the look and feel of your pool. Generally, the pool will need around three inches of waterline in the water and three above.
  • Inlaid Tiles – These tiles are laid underwater and are recessed within the mold of the pool. The tiles are installed in a way so that they sit flush with the pool’s surface. These tiles are used on floors, seats, steps and on the pool’s walls.

The quickest and most cost-effective way of making an existing pool look more attractive is to refresh the waterline with a fresh set of tiles. Eye-catching mosaic tiles work best and add a touch of style to your pool.

The average cost of hiring a pool tiler in Sydney is around $70 per m2. This depends on various factors like the size of the job, tile selection, grout choices, etc.  Get in touch with our contractor today and let’s discuss what you have in mind.

What Sets Us Apart

At Leerbergtiling, we provide high-quality swimming pool tiling that takes your swimming pool to the next level, complete with a unique style that sets it apart from others. Our knowledge and expertise ensure that your tiles are installed by experts, ensuring that the pool’s tiles last for the longest time and yet are highly affordable.

How We Lay Tiles

The overall process of pool tile installation isn’t much different from outdoor tiling.

The material and the type of grout used are also very similar. On average, it takes roughly about 2 days to complete the entire process.

Our installation process is broken down into 3 main steps:

Material Selection – Pool tile material should be highly durable and suitable to be submerged into the water., but at the same time should give an appealing look to the surface. Our tiler will help you select the best material that’s most suitable for your architecture’s design. Generally, ceramic and porcelain, glass, or natural stone.

Surface Preparation – Once the material is selected, our experts will prepare the surface by first levelling up the ground and install the base layer to ensure tiles have good foundation. We will also inspect the pool surface to ensure there’s no sharp edges or cracks.

Tile Installation – After the above step, we will start planning the tile layout to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste and that they blend in seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Then we carefully start laying tiles over a flexible membrane to account for future expansion of the cement. Once this is done, we then seal them with high-quality grout material that is water proof and durable. Epoxy grout is the most commonly used type of grouts for swimming pool.