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Looking for outdoor tilers in Sydney? We provide the best tiling services for exteriors such as pathways, patios, outdoor stairs, and many more. All of our tile contractors are licensed and qualified to work on any materials such as granite, ceramic and glass tiles.  Have a question about our exterior or outdoor tiling service? Get in touch for a free quote today. 


Outdoor Tiling Services

At Leerbergtiling we care about doing a job that is second to none in terms of quality. Our outdoor tiling service comes backed by a satisfaction guarantee. With over 50 years of experience as a reputable tiling company in NSW, we can handle all types of project.

When choosing a material for exterior tiling, we recommend you go for porcelain as it requires minimal maintenance compares to other forms of tiles like ceramic which are more suitable for indoors. The average cost of hiring an outdoor tiler in Sydney is $45 per m2. This depends on various factors like the size of the job, tile selection, grout choices, etc. We recommend you reach out to us and one of our contractors will get back to you.

We Use The Latest Tiling Methods

We use state-of-the-art tools and bank on a vast knowledge pool, allowing us to deliver exceptional finishing and durability. Our team handles everything from site preparation to post-installation cleaning. Leerbergtiling has built its reputation doing a good job and ensuring our clients are delighted with the outcome.

We continue to be dedicated to upholding our reputation and helping clients transform their outdoor and indoor spaces. Call us today for a free no-obligation quote.

How We Lay Tiles

The overall process of outdoor tile installation isn’t much different from indoor, except that there are a few things to keep in mind, such as the material choice and the grouts used.

Our installation process is broken down into 3 main steps:

Material Selection – Exterior tile material must be durable and resistant to moisture to endure the harsh outdoor environment. Our tiler will help you select the best material that’s most suitable for your architecture’s design and outside’s condition.

Surface Preparation – Once the material is selected, our experts will prepare the surface by first levelling up the ground and install the base layer to ensure tiles have good foundation. We will also inspect the existing foundation concrete to make sure there’s no crack in the surface.

Tile Installation – After the above step, we will start planning the tile layout to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste and that they blend in seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Then we carefully start laying tiles over a flexible membrane to account for future expansion of the cement. Once this is done, we then seal the tiles with high-quality grout material. For outdoor tile installation, we usually use Epoxy grout because it is durable, resistant to the weather, and exceptionally easy to clean off dirt.