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Looking for tilers in Hurstville? We offer the highest-quality tiling service in NSW, with over 50 years experience in the field. We provide all-in-one solutions for your tiles such as bathroom tiling, wall tiling, floor and commercial tiling, grouting, kitchen renovation, tile repairs and much more at a reasonable cost.  Call us today on : 9808 18 24 or request a free quote below.

Licensed & Qualified Tilers

Our tiling company has been providing high-quality services in Hurstville and NSW for more than 2 decades now. We are licensed, insured, and qualified to work on any new project that you have on your mind. Our tilers are capable of handling all kinds of tiling services such as tile repair, tile polishing and much more.

Here are a few more reasons to choose us:

We use only the best materials – Getting the right tile material from the start is crucial to the longevity of your tiles. Our company makes sure to only use the best material that is suitable for each project and your needs.

Honest and Trustworthy – We have earned a reputation for being honest and delivering the highest quality work. That’s why you can be assured of a beautiful finish, modern design and longevity.

We strive to improve– As professional tiler in Hurstville, we strive to improve the quality of our service and meet our client’s expectations.

We take pride in our work – We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a seamless process from beginning to end. This includes everything from the quotation process all the way to after-customer support service.


We Provide Everything You Need

Not only do we provide tiling services, but over the past few years, our company has partnered up with various architects, builders and tile shops to provide you with an all-round service which includes things like waterproofing. Our Hurstville tilers strive hard to provide the best solutions to your construction and flooring needs. Get in touch with our team members today for more information. 

Our Process Overview

Here are the 3 steps overview of how we lay tiles:

  1. Material Selection – The first step is to select the right tile material for your project. This needs to fit in well with the architecture design and the needs. We work with all kinds of materials such as ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, glass, marble, etc. For instance, pool tiling requires the use of porcelain tile due to its durability and waterproof property. For this step, we will listen to your requirements and provide you with some recommendations.
  2. Surface Preparation – Next step is start preparing the surface for tile installation. This to ensure that the tiles have a concrete and strong foundation. We will also inspect any cracks or sharp edges on the cement prior to the installation.
  3. Tile Installation – Once everything is ready, our tilers will start with the installation process, followed by sealing the tiles with high-quality grouts that are suitable for each project case.


On average, the cost of hiring a tiler is between $35 per square metre to $150 per square metre. This depends on various factors like the size of the job, tile selection, grout choices, etc. We recommend getting in touch with us for more information.


About Hurstville

Hurstville is a suburb located in southern Sydney, 16 km from south of Sydney CBD. The suburb is also called as the “Little Hongkong” as it is the largest Chinese settlement in southern hemisphere. If you happen to visit Hurstville, don’t forget to go to Hurstville Museum & Gallery, Oatley Park and Westfield.