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Are you wondering why some quotes are cheaper than ours? It’s a question we often hear. Our estimates provide clear, detailed breakdowns of costs to ensure transparency. We pledge quality in our work with thorough surface preparation and the use of advanced tiling systems involving superior tile adhesive, additives, silicone finishes, a tile-leveling system and premium finish.

Tiling is primarily about achieving an impeccable outcome – poor contractors might leave jobs half-done or create messy surroundings using substandard methods that could result in unsightly cuts, tile lippage and additional expenses for you.

With us, consistency is key as all tasks are carried out by the same skilled professional- guaranteeing similar results if someone has recommended our services to you. Unlike other firms who delegate their projects to subcontractors varying in skill levels.


Absolutely! We hold all the necessary licensing and insurances to deliver tiling services in Sydney and its nearby regions. Lic No: 206514C   ABN:70.122.529.195

Yes we also hold a builders license on top of our Tilers License. We offer a full spectrum of building works.

Ready to start? Email using our contact form or call us at 9808 1824. We’ll need your contact info, a picture of the space, dimensions and tile choice for an initial cost estimate. Then we’ll arrange an onsite visit further to discuss design options, materials selection and project timeline while answering any questions you may have.

We’ll inspect your space, decide where to mix materials and cut tiles, and manage wastewater disposal. 

Before we start tiling, we’ll map out everything carefully, needing your go-ahead first. We’re here to guide you step-by-step—answering questions—to ensure top-notch results for your project.

Wondering how we stand out from our competitors? Here’s why you should choose us:

Over 50 years in the industry for a start. Not many can say this!

Firstly, it all starts with surface preparation. We meticulously remove every speck of dust, grease and grime before tile installation – a step many overlook. Plus, we apply the necessary additives and primers to ensure the perfect base for your tiles.

Then comes adhesive selection – an aspect some cut corners on due to cost. But not us! We only use top-tier tile adhesives, grouts and additives that provide superior hold yet remain economical.

Our precision in setting up also sets us apart as we use cutting-edge laser technology. This aids in accurately finding plumb lines, ensuring levels are spot-on and squaring perfectly – ultimately minimizing small cuts or excess waste while giving your tiling project a professional finish!

Speaking of finishes; expect neat clean cuts around architraves, skirting boards and other detailed areas when you work with us – enhancing the overall look significantly.

With larger format tiles becoming increasingly popular these days creating potential lippage issues (uneven tiles) can become problematic but rest assured this isn’t something you’ll face with our service given our attention-to-detail approach resulting in minimalistic & smooth finishes without any unsightly unevenness or trip hazards

You won’t have to stress about property damage either because protection is one thing we take very seriously; be it walls floors carpet etc., everything will be covered prior/during installations ensuring no harm done!

Lastly but most importantly safety is never compromised here! Our team comprises licensed professionals trained regularly on workplace safety thus maintaining secure working conditions always!

Wondering how many tiles you’ll need? Remember to account for an extra 10% for your next tile purchase to cover any breakages or extras. 

What do you need to bring? Mostly, just tiles. We provide top-quality brand tile adhesives, grout, and other essentials like additives, primers silicone, angles, trims and grates.

Planning a full bathroom remodel? Feel free to choose your own bathtubs, toilets , vanities and fittings if you prefer.

Considering floor-tile installations or bathroom renovations? Here’s a pro-tip: remove all timber skirting and ceiling cornices beforehand for the best finish. Also, don’t forget your doors may need adjusting to fit the new height – but don’t worry! We can handle that task for you at an extra charge.

We aim to keep your inconvenience as low as possible by working around your routine. This means you’ll still be able to use rooms like kitchens or bedrooms, if needed. However, for projects in bathrooms where shower or toilet access might not be available, we have options such as portable restroom rental suggestions if you need them.

We have extensive experience with a variety of wall and flooring tile options. From ceramic, porcelain, and stone to marble tiles – we can help create the perfect finished look for your home. 


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