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Laying down some high-quality wall tiles is a good practice when it comes to upgrading your bathroom or kitchen.

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Floor tiles are increasingly becoming a popular choice in modern homes. That’s because they come in a huge variety of design, color, and material to adapt different décor styles. They look practical and durable in any room of the house, such as the kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and the rest.

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Laying the right floor tiles are not only elegant but also easy to keep clean and great with under-floor heating. High-quality floor tiles also last much longer than a carpet and demand little maintenance, unlike wooden flooring that requires sealing and re-sanding regularly.

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Our licensed, qualified and insured tilers can help you install quality wall tiles on your kitchen or bathroom to add value to your home. We install them using the appropriate grout and sealant to ensure they last for years


Our master floor tiling specialists believe that a room with the same floor and wall colors look boring and two dimensional. Most of the home remodelers and designers suggest using complementing colors and shades, rather than using the same colors and shades.

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Accurate Floor Tiling Installation

At Leerbergtiling, our master tile installation specialists have over 60 years of experience in the construction specialty. They have what it takes to lay tiles accurately to a high level of finish for residential, commercial, and public projects. Our tilers demonstrate unparalleled expertise when it comes to laying of mosaic, ceramics, or natural stone tiles on floors to provide decorative and protective finishes.

Our highly specialized floor tiling Sydney contractors have the technical knowledge to complete the installation of large format floor tiles as well as ultra-thin ones. We provide our customers with both a professional and courteous service they deserve. And our highly experienced tilers pride themselves on providing reliable, prompt and cost competitive work throughout Sydney and nearby suburbs.

Our Quality Tiling
Is What We Pride Ourselves On

With a team of expert tilers, we can install any form of tile, including porcelain, ceramics, limestone, mosaics, glass, granite, marble, and travertine, among others. Our tile installation professionals demonstrate excellent measurement skills along with an eye for detail. They also have a good sense of color coordination, ensuring you get accurate floor tile installation and excellent finish. We have carried out floor tiling projects for various homeowners and construction companies in Sydney and its surrounding environs – both small and large. In any floor tiling job we undertake, we focus on quality in the quest to provide a top service each client seeks. Having been licensed and insured to carry out residential, commercial, and industrial floor tiling projects in Australia, you can rest assured our services can stand the test of time.


Leerbergtiling provides an all-inclusive floor tiling solution from start to finish, undertaking all tasks involved in the tile installation process. We will first prepare your substrate with boarding, latex, membrane, or tanking to achieve the required faultless finish. Then, our skilled tilers will undertake the actual installation using the desired materials and products, giving your project an immaculate finish that lasts.

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Unmatched Customer Service & Long-term Relationship

We not only provide efficient and high-quality workmanship, but we also build a long-term relationship with our customers thereafter. We understand that long-term client relations are the pillar stone of our business, which is why we have built a reputation as the leading tile company and a household name in Sydney and beyond.

As our customer, you will always remain the heartbeat of our business, and we will strive to develop a healthy relationship with you for the success of our business. We will focus on timely and efficient communication as our priority each time you make an inquiry from us. Besides the timely and thorough communication, Sydney Tile Company also makes its customers feel comfortable by being honest and transparent. Checkout our reviews

We also build strong reputations with clients by exceeding expectations when it comes to service delivery. We will demonstrate ourselves as an independent professional who executes exceptional results – of course, without promising unrealistic results. As one of the leading tile service providers in Australia, we set reasonable and realistic expectations in order to impress our esteemed customers with the final project and position ourselves as a company they would wish to continue to work with for their next projects.


Leerbergtiling provides reliable quality service that meets even the wildest of expectations. Our business is upon a strong work ethic to guarantee dependable excellence all the time. For more inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will get back to you in less than a day.

Why Choose Leerbergtiling?

Superior value & service – we are committed to delivering the highest possible quality of work in every aspect of floor tile installation.

Open & responsive communication – we are dedicated to honest and open communication with customers throughout their project, right from the initial consultation about an estimate through to the completed project.

Experienced team – our team of over 60 years of experience in the tile and stone industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge to provide the highest workmanship.

Get Your Floor Tiling Laid By the Finest Team in Sydney

Most of our existing customers are so delighted with our services that they end up recommending their friends and family to us. Our mission is to provide our clients with 100% non-negotiable satisfaction because we are in business for their sake. Over the years, we have built an outstanding reputation for keen attention to detail as well as the execution of quality work.

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Leerbergtiling serves Sydney and nearby suburbs. We are committed to providing fast and cost-effective service within the stipulated time frame. If you are interested in our services or require further information, please get in touch with us now.