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Leerbergs Tilers are second to none and will create that dream look you have always wanted.

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Leerbergtiling is a professional tiling service provider whose expert tiling specialists guarantee the best bathroom tiling and renovation service in Sydney

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Your bathroom is hands down the most important rooms in the entire house. If you’re like most people, it’s where you begin and end each day. .

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At Leerbergtiling, we have over 60 years of experience in the construction industry. All our staff are fully trained, licensed and insured to carry out all aspects of bathroom tiling Sydney.


We utilize the latest and most advanced equipment to carry out all our bathroom tiling and remodeling projects, allowing us to provide a quality finish all the time.

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Bathroom & Kitchen Walls

Our extensive bathroom tiling and renovation services can accommodate a wide range of designs and budgets. Irrespective of what stage you are right now, Leerbergtiling promises to handle your bathroom tiling and renovation process in line with your specific needs, budgets and expectations. We will work with you in every step of the bathroom tiling and renovation process, right from the design concept inception to a wholly furnished bathroom ready to use.

We Aim
For Bathroom Tiling Perfection

Our team of fully licensed and insured professionals, whose keen attention to detail and high standards are unparalleled, will do all your bathroom tiling and renovation work from start to finish. Our experts will also assist you with such things as the plan, color, material, selections, and everything else in-between. We have all the ideal pieces of equipment for bathroom tiling, renovations and restorations in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

With over 60 years renovating kitchens and bathrooms in Sydney,
we offer professional wall tiling services you can trust. We take care of everything,
right from the initial design consultation to the final result. With our tiling works,
you can always be sure to make your room stand out from others.

We Use Top Quality Materials for Bathroom Tiling & Renovation in Sydney

Many bathroom floor tile options are available today, and our professional tile specialists know the pros and cons of each tile option for your home. We use only high-quality materials like ceramic, vinyl and porcelain tiles, which are the most practical options for bathroom tiling. We can as well use other options depending on your needs and prerequisites, from stone to cork and anything in between. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also the best options for bathroom floor tile. Just like vinyl, ceramics score high points regarding maintenance and resistance to wear and scratches. They are ideal for renovators who are searching for practical tile options with a secure fit and low maintenance. 

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Quality Sydney Tiling Guides Our Work

We prioritize on quality in areas we service, which is why we have been a household name in all areas of Sydney, from Bondi to the Western Suburbs of Sydney including the blue Mountains and Hornsby to Cronulla. We will manage every part of your tiling needs from leveling floors to applying protective coatings and so much more. We understand that not all tile specialists are equal, and every work tends to show off in the details.
At Leerbergtiling, quality guides our work, and we never make empty promises. Quality grouting, consistent spacing and level corners are some of the details we never overlook when working on your bathroom tiling project in Sydney. Our company has built a reputation for producing excellent bathroom tiling results.
Our experienced Sydney tiling specialists facilitate us to offer our clients the highest possible bathroom tiling service that meets the wildest of expectations. We are proud to have the best tools that are ideal for bathroom tiling, restorations and renovations. Our water-resistant equipment like tiles, marble and mosaic can stand up to the test of time and highest moisture level.

Why Choose Leerbergtiling?

There is a wide array of tiling contractors out there these days, and choosing the right one may not be a walk in the park. The tiling company you select could make a huge difference between getting disappointed and being happy. Choosing Leerbergtiling is akin to receiving the following

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Get Your Tiling Laid By the Finest Team in Sydney

Leerbergtiling delivers unmatched service at minimum costs to ensure you get an opportunity to give your bathroom a decent makeover. If you’re spending alot of time in there it should be pleasant. Our professional tile specialists will do the tiling to utmost perfection, so you get an excellent finish with no leaks. Give us a call now to arrange for a FREE consultation.

Leerbergtiling have the finest craftsmen who have delivered exceptional wall tiling projects to residential, commercial and industrial clients across, Sydney for over 60 years and counting. Our team uses the latest and most advanced tiling systems and solutions to ensure you get what you deserve. Our master tilers work with you from start to finish, striving to provide the highest standard of quality work.

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Leerbergtiling serves Sydney and nearby suburbs. We are committed to providing fast and cost-effective service within the stipulated time frame. If you are interested in our services or require further information, please get in touch with us now.